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Water Depot Franchise FAQs


1. Do I need to be a Plumber to own a Water Depot Franchise?

No. Some technical knowledge is an asset, but not necessary. Many owners have established successful businesses without a plumbing background. We provide extensive training and ongoing support through various training programs to help you build and grow your Water Depot franchise.

2. How much knowledge about water should I have to own a Franchise?

Training is offered for running all aspects of a Water Depot franchise. Our goal is to support your success. We believe that knowledge, support and training are key. Being a successful business owner is understanding all aspects of business; from business management, employee management, sales and marketing to product knowledge. All of these aspects are essential to building a strong franchise location.

3. Can I own multiple locations?

Yes. Many of our Franchisees believe strongly in the Water Depot system and have established secondary locations.

4. How can I tell if a Water Depot Franchise would thrive in my town?

All franchise applications are assessed with a demographic analysis of your preferred area to ensure viability of a franchise. Every town/city has different water needs and population demographics. Various aspects need to be assessed to determine the viability of a Water Depot franchise in your town.

5. What qualities make a good franchise owner?

All franchise applications are thoroughly assessed to ensure the qualities, education and professional experience are aligned with our franchise criteria. When assessing whether you would make an ideal candidate, it is important to look at the various skills and experiences you possess. Are you comfortable selling product? Are you good with people? Are you eager to establish your business within the community? Do you know how to do that? Being a successful Water Depot Franchise requires dedication and hard work. Water Depot Franchisees are passionate about providing high quality water to their communities.

6. Is a retail franchise the industry to be in today? I’ve heard online sales and purchasing are taking over?

Water is a unique market. Have you ever purchased water online? The answer is most certainly “No”. Our services and products are best suited to a brick and mortar location. Where the customer can easily see the quality and gain the knowledge they need in order to buy with confidence. A Recent study plublished about Canadian businesses found that 20% of goods and services are spent at franchise locations, and that 1 out of every 14 working Canadians is employed by a franchise business. The franchise industry in Canada is growing.

We encourage you to fill out an application and start your career in a growing and essential industry.


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